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tv   America This Morning  ABC  February 26, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, terror takedown. three men from new york city arrested accused of conspiring with isis. their alleged targets and deadly plans, we're live. state of emergency. a travel nightmare across the south as the storm continues its march. snow and ice causing dangerous conditions. we have the latest forecast. legal weed. overnight marijuana becoming legal in our nation's capital. the mayor of d.c. under fire for the initiative even threatened by congress with prison time. it's usually nothing but net but right now it's nothing but no. lebron james telling college recruiters to back off his 10-year-old son.
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good thursday morning to you all. we have to start with this growing threat from those here in the u.s. who are now accused of siding with terrorists. >> three new york men now charged with trying to join isis overseas as well as making threats to carry out attacks at home even targeting police officers. abc's bazi kanani joins us from washington with the latest. bazi. >> reporter: good morning. the three men are now being held without bail. two of them arrested in new york. one in florida. investigators say they were planning to join isis and willing to attack here at home. three young men living in brooklyn, new york accused of plotting to help isis by fighting alongside the extremists overseas or attacking here in the u.s. by targeting police coney island or the president. >> if they were not able to go that they would seek to acquire weapons here, handguns machine gun and seek to attack very
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specifically police officers. >> reporter: the fbi swooped in to arrest the men wednesday just as one of them was about to board a plane at new york's jfk airport. >> my hands are still shaking. yeah it was -- i'm still nervous. >> reporter: the travel agent who sold him the ticket too afraid to appear on camera said the suspect seemed like a typical teenager. >> he was speaking english fluently. he was totally normal. >> reporter: but investigators say he was headed to fight in syria. the fbi began investigating the men of uzbek and kazakh descent after it says one began posting in august on an isis website writing "i am in the u.s. now, but is it possible to commit ourselves as dedicated martyrs anyway while here? to shoot president obama and then get shot ourselves." investigators say this case is one more example of how they're growing ranks around the world. >> the isis capability on social media is nothing short of
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remarkable. >> reporter: the fbi says in just the last year at least 20 others have been arrested for trying to fly from the u.s. to the middle east to fight with isis. reena, tank. >> all right, bazi kanani for us, thank you, as always. also happening right now we got weather to tell you about. a rare snowstorm that is still hitting the south right now. snow falling in north carolina and virginia some areas getting as much as a foot of snow today. this storm forcing a state of emergency in georgia. >> the governor there asking workers to telecommute. police say there were not as many accidents as expected because many georgians did stay home but yesterday's snow and sleet refroze overnight. this morning many flights in atlanta and charlotte are canceled and schools closed. >> turn to the far northeast and more extreme weather. this is in maine. look at this. this is being called possibly the biggest pileup in state history. 75 vehicles involved on i-95. now, accidents stretch for three miles. some so close together the first responders had to walk on the
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roofs of the cars to get to everybody. >> one pennsylvania town this means no drinking water. the water main burst and as it's being fixed feeder lines broke. the system is so badly damaged it won't be fixed for weeks. similar stories in kentucky drinking water brought in by the national guard. well there could be more broken water mains today as we get more bitter weather. >> justin povick of accuweather joins us now with the forecast. good morning. >> t.j. and reena, thanks good morning. a cold morning throughout the northeast. the great lakes and the ohio valley now yesterday maybe not so bad today, northwesterly winds ushering in arctic air. along with colder temperatures and breezy conditions we are expecting some light snow showers from buffalo and syracuse south toward pittsburgh columbus and lexington. some spots could see an inch maybe two, most areas only around a coating or a dusting of snow. more than that though along the front range of the rockies and intermountain northwest. rain at the coastline so that
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means big travel delays from seattle toward portland. perhaps a bigger storm over the south and southwest heading in toward the upcoming weekend. remaining cold in the northeast. t.j. and reena, back to you. recreational marijuana use legal in the nation's capital as of midnight. they're allowed to possess up to two ounces of pot. you have to be 21 and you have to smoke it on private property. you can also grow certain amounts of marijuana but for now the sale of drugs in the district remains illegal but advocates working to change that. >> this is a huge movement. this is probably the biggest thing since prohibition ends in the '0s. >> congressional republican has warned that local leaders could face prison time if they implemented the initiative which was overwhelmingly approved by voters but it's not clear if they plan to take further action. president obama is trying to reassure millions of un undocumented immigrants they would not be deported speaking at a town hall meeting, he said
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he's confident his executive order will not be thrown out by the courts. the president says he would veto a stand-alone measure repealing his auctions on immigration. >> it cleared the way for a passage of a bill to fund the homeland security department. money for the department is set to run out tomorrow night. an earlier version linked the funding to a repeal of the president's actions on immigration. conservatives in the house say leaving out the immigration related provisions is a surrender to the white house. opening statements in the trial of the boston marathon bombing suspect will start next week. the judge in the case says the jury should be seated by then. it has taken longer than expected to select jurors given the series of snowstorms that hit boston and closed the courts. an appeals court is still considering meanwhile a defense request to move the trial. united airlines sent a bulletin to pilots reminding them about safety issues. it comes after two recent incidents, one crew had to make an emergency pullup to avoid crashing into the ground. another landed with fuel below
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the minimum reserves. and a look at this interesting picture from a neighbor in our solar system. >> nasa's dawn spacecraft found not one but two mysterious bright lights, you see that on the planet ceres. one theory those are active volcanos. >> very interesting. >> we'll go with that. you have another theory reena? >> i think that's somebody forgot to turn off the lights. >> simple as that. like your husband doesn't turn off lights. >> it actually drives me nuts because i know at this hour there is a light upstairs in our home that nobody turned off. >> sorry to bring that up. coming up here some discouraging news how too much sleep can be dangerous for you. yeah, right. but first new concerns about potential for a cyberattack that could cripple our economy. also a cartoon comeback. the classic reborn but will they be loved just as much by the new audience?
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well another big retailer is boosting its minimum wage pay for workers. the company that owns t.j. maxx marshall's and home goods will say workers will get $9 an hour starting in june. it'll go up to $10 next year. it comes after similar moves by walmart, ikea and the gap and other retailers are expected to follow suit. new york state is worried about an armageddon cyberattack on banks. the state's chief bank regulator warns there could be a, quote, cyber9/11 on financial institutions and wants new rules on big banks, many chartered in new york and wants to hold executives personally
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responsible if their banks allow money laundering operations. the supreme court is signaling it will side with a young muslim woman in her lawsuit against abercrombie & fitch. the woman showed up for an interview wearing a black head scarf and filed a religious discrimination suit after she didn't get hired. abercrombie says she never mentioned religion in her interview. go go gadget. ♪ inspector gadget ♪ >> the bionic detective, inspector gadget is one of the classic 1980 cartoon series that netflix is bringing back with new episodes. they start next month with the reboot of "danger mouse." disney which is our parent company producing new episodes of "duck tails." >> and this newscast will self-destruct in 20 seconds. >> gadget thing. >> inspector gadget. i'll show you one of the
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episodes. kfc is out with a unique offering. edible coffee cups created for the launch of kfc's seattle's best coffee in britain. the cup is a cookie which is wrapped in sugar paper and lined with a layer of white chocolate. no word on the cup's calorie count and right now kfc has no plans to bring it to the u.s. but i'm sure if we were to launch a media campaign they would. >> start it right after this. #givememyediblecup. a long hashtag. caught on camera a brazen robbery attempt with a suspect threatening to light the cashier on fire. also warren buffet revealing one of the secrets to his success, a steady diet of junk food. introducing new flonase allergy relief nasal spray, now available over the counter in full prescription strength. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over-producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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you know, i think about money kind of a lot. money is freedom. money's always on my mind. car insurance. credit cards. preschool. debt. cell phone bills. it's complicated. it's not easy. i am not a good budgeter. unfortunately, i'm a spender. i would love to learn more about finances. savings. investments. retirement. man: the more educated i am, the better decisions i can make in the future. well they've had snow there in texas so one teenager took
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advantage, he used the heavy, wet snow to create the bricks used more than 250 of them during the three days it took to build the igloo. better take a picture. it won't be around long. temperatures will be nearly 60 degrees by sunday. >> but today most roads in tyler, texas and the center of the country will be dry. not so in florida and northwest. drivers will have to navigate the snow? the cascades and roads will be slippery in the upper south and mid-atlantic states. >> if you're flying airport delays likeliest in charlotte and washington. serial shooters terrorizing houston and police believe he's behind five separate attacks since last week. one man was shot and killed as he went for a walk. three others survived their gunshot wounds and a college student escaped after the shooter's gun jammed. police are warning residents to avoid walking alone and to be aware of their surroundings. also in houston, surveillance footage showing a pickup smashing into a store breaking the front window three
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guys try to steal the atm but couldn't move it so they drove off. when they realized they were headed down a one-way street they smashed the truck through a wall of a garage and ran away. houston police searching for all of them. frightening surveillance video to show you from central florida where a robbery suspect at a mini mart is armed with a lighter and a bottle of lighter fluid. threatened to set the clerk on fire. the thief ended up getting away with some money from the register. the clerk not hurt. police hoping somebody recognizes this suspect. a health alert this morning. another stubborn superbug is being blamed for nearly 15,000 deaths in the u.s. every year. c-diff leads to inflammation of the colon. the cdc says preventing and controlling c-diff should be a national priority. the infection costs nearly $5 billion each year in excess health care costs. >> what was that? >> that was not a medical description, by the way. >> all right, well we need some
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help. i'm calling dr. besser on this one. we got a new study that says too much sleep could put your health at risk. you hear that folks. too much sleep. it finds that people who get more than 8 hours of sleep a night are at a 46% greater risk of having a stroke than those who sleep less than that. now, this actually backs up previous research i'm told that shows the same thing. another example of why moderation may be in all things is a good thing including sleep. richard besser dr. besser, call me, please. >> we should have a phone-in. what's warren buffett's secret to staying young? junk food. he tells "fortune" he eats like a 6-year-old a and quarter of calories he consumes from coca-cola products. five cans a day, the oracle of omaha says he likes potato sticks and chocolate chip ice cream, sometimes for breakfast. after all he points today's 6-year-olds have a much longer lifespan than 84-year-olds. >> i'll do whatever he tells me
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to do. fighting in hockey is nothing new. what was different last night was where one fight took place, the penguins capitols players wound up getting into it on the bench and all sorts of rough stuff ensued from there. eventually everybody made their way back to the ice where the fighting is supposed to take place. pittsburgh beat the hated rivals, 4-3. from hockey we turn to the hardwood. no fighting i don't think to tell you about. >> highlights from our guys at espn. >> he's stan, i'm neil. we're going to do basketball highlights wearing suits and makeup. >> yes, we will. he's the only one with makeup. duke and virginia tech. >> who are you kidding? >> virginia tech had just two wins in the acc. duke, all they could handle. jahlil okafor back after being sidelined for a game with an ankle injury. went to overtime. okafor had 30 in this game. quinn cook had 26 including 21
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after halftime and duke wins it 91-86. >> quinn cook is happy. from quinn's hair to james harden's beard. it's all about the barber shop. third quarter tied. chris paul shake and bake. >> oh. >> had 22 points 14 assists. to the fourth houston in control. james harden is notoriously awful against the clippers. didn't shoot the ball well in this game either but found cory -- he gets that through chris paul's legs. i can't read what's on the front of those uniforms. >> it's chinese. >> i can't read it. rockets with won, 110-105. >> oh these segments are always fun. >> watch "sportscenter" the show with stan and i because we were electric. >> that's all we got. back to you. >> electric. coming up lebron james calling a foul telling college recruiters to back off his 10-year-old son. >> uptown funk going to give it to you with an old school twist. you have have got to see this
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♪ kraft natural cheese starts with fresh milk carefully selected from only us dairy farms. because we know it takes something amazing, to make something amazing. ♪ my advice for healthy looking radiant skin. a good night's sleep... and aveeno®. [ female announcer ] only aveeno® positively radiant has an active naturals® total soy formula. it helps reduce the look of brown spots in just four weeks. aveeno®. naturally beautiful results™.
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♪ this is that ice cold michelle pfeiffer that white gold ♪ ♪ this one for those hood girls good girls straight masterpieces ♪ ♪ living it up in the city ♪ >> i love this song. >> those hood girls, those good girls. just kind of realized all the lyrics. check "the pulse" for some story you'll be talking about. "uptown funk" number one. >> see the guys out in the streets. they might have been outdone by a group of senior citizens. ♪ hot damn i'm too hot hot damn ♪ ♪ retire man too hot hot damn ♪
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>> this is a remake courtesy of alex boye an entertainer that enlisted the help of more seasoned gentlemen of funkdom and a bunch of grandmas as well. >> pretty good. >> he's a professional though. this isn't grandma and -- >> he didn't just roll out of the nursing home. >> okay so from senior citizens to a youngster who can play hoops, lebron james jr. >> you better be able to ball. might have seen this video. 10-year-old making his dad proud out there on the court but according to lebronson little bron is being recruited by colleges and received scholarship offers at 10 years old. >> crazy. that's what lebron sr. says. they should just be allowed to play. nyaa rules say they can't be recruited before starting high school. >> we have seen a lot of people try to recapture the magic of their childhood in photos but never found a pair quite like this. they nailed it.
4:24 am
see these guys matt and evan breslow getting them just right. look at the sweaters even match. >> oh my goodness. the black sweaters and denim ones. look at them, socks pulled up all the way? overall they really surprised their mom with these reenacted photos at target. >> the whole thing took them hours of research and also 300 bucks to pull this off. the best one might be this last one we have here. look at this. >> oh where did he get the shirts from? >> and he got the helmet there is supposed to be the helmet haircut he had back in the day. >> this is the most awkward looking one and the funniest one no doubt. >> what i would love to see is mom's reaction. >> yeah i wonder if she appreciated this and, oh that's sweet or you two are nuts. >> crazy boys. what did i do? for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everybody else you're stuck with us and we'll be back
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eaking overnight a rash of violence in philadelphia. new details and video come up. terror take down, three men are accused of trying to help isis and attack the u.s. and two have ties to the philadelphia area and madonna fell this is coming up in a couple of moments on abc news, she is okay. it's a story it's all coming
4:28 am
up. >> reporter: madonna now weigh weighing in on her long-standing alleged feud with lady gaga. ♪ she said -- >> reporter: the beef did lady gaga's "born this way" -- ♪ so hold up your head ♪ >> reporter: borrow from madonna's classic "express yourself". ♪ don't go for second best ♪ >> reporter: madonna expressing herself once and for all on the matter in next month's "rolling stone" saying "i felt like she blatantly ripped off one of my songs" but it's not all harsh words. madonna also took a moment to give props to the younger singer saying "i don't think she wants my crown. we live in a world where people like to pit women against each other and this is why i love the idea of embracing other females who are doing what i'm doing." ♪ if you can't hear what i'm
4:29 am
trying to say ♪ >> reporter: alan thicke can own-- robin thicke can only hope that goes over. pharrell williams and he were in attendance for the opening arguments of their trial to determine whether their 2013 hit copied elements of marvin gaye's 1977 song "got to give it up" seen here on "soul train." ♪ watching might want to make ♪ >> reporter: the jury will listen to both songs and watch thicke's past interviews on the subject like this one on vh-1. >> one of my favorite songs of all time was marvin gaye's "got to give it up" and so we tried to you know get a little groove like that going. >> reporter: so nervous times for robin thicke but at least madonna and gaga seem to be on better terms. dan harris, abc news, new york. >> we need to get "soul train." >> i've been screaming that for
4:30 am
years. >> maybe >> good morning we're following several breaking stories on this thursday, february 26. a local woman was murdered in her car overnight what she was doing moments from the gunfire erupted. >> an attempted carjacking in southwest philadelphia sends a man to the hospital. >> we're tracking a winter storm coming in from the south it could make your morning commute messy. >> good morning everyone, 4:30, on this thursday.


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